About YICE
Taste the nature from every bottle of YICE.
Yice natural alkaline water comes from
Muskoka, Ontario.
The water source is located at hinderland of Lake Muskoka and protected by the Canadian Shield. The water is naturally filtered underground and enhanced with mineral. Nature provided our water with everything it needed, we do not add anything to alter the taste and the composition of the water.
PH = 8.0 ± 0.5
The spring water is transported to the water plant by stainless steel tanker for filtration and disinfection to ensure that it meets the quality and standards of Health Canada.
Our filtration will not remove natural minerals from water, which means that our water has a natural taste as well as a smooth flavour of alkaline water .
Our production factory carries out production monitoring and finished product testing on the water products together with the third-party laboratories. Therefore, it is a trustworthy product.